Industrial USB cameras with CS lens mount and h.264 on-board encoder


C2 family cameras are based on with Sony Exmo R Starvis IMX290 sensor and offers h.264/MHPEG/YUYV compressions over USB interface.

There are few camera versions:

Camera model Lens mount Microphones Connector
C2_USBC CS No USB-C RGB Boxed camera
C2_USBC_MIC CS Yes USB-C RGB Boxed camera with stereo microphones
C2_BOARD_FFC_M12 M12 No FFC 6p 0.5mm RGB Board camera
C2_BOARD_HS_FFC_M12 M12 No FFC 6p 0.5mm RGB Board camera with heatsink
C2M_USBC CS No USB-C Mono Boxed monochrome camera




  • 1″-20TPI CS / M12 lens mount
  • Multiple mounting options (all side walls and top has M3 tapped holes) for machine vision or robotics
  • Board mount option
  • Optional 1/4-20 UNC thread for tripod mounting
  • Format: 1/2.8-inch (6.46mm)
  • Sensor: Sony IMX290 Color / Mono
  • MJPEG/h.264/YUY2 compression
  • 1920x1080 @ 30fps
  • UVC compatible
  • Sensor pixel size: 2.9μm x 2.9μm
  • Sensor dynamic range: 66db
  • SNR max: 40.5db
  • Operation temperature range: -50°C...+85°C
  • USB 2.0
  • Interchangeable filters (650nm installed by default)
  • High quality industrial black anodized aluminum case / lens mount
  • Non cropped sensor operation in all resolutions
  • Each camera has unique serial number
  • RoHS, REACH, CE certified


Common specifications

Pixels 1920H x 1080V
Sensor size 5.63 x 3.17 mm
Shutter Electronic Rolling Shutter
Sensor pixel size 2.9μm x 2.9μm
Frame rates
  • h.264 – 30fps in all modes
  • MJPG – 30fps in all modes
  • YUV 4:2:2 (YUYV)
    • 1920x1080 – 5fps
    • 1280×720 – 10fps
    • 640×480 – 30fps
Output frame sizes 1920×1080, 1280×720, 640×480, 640×360, 320×240,
Scan Progressive
Manual control
  • Exposure
  • White balance (2800°K – 9300°K)
  • Gain
  • Gamma
  • Backlight compensation

  • Sharpnes
  • Contrast
  • Saturation
  • Hue
  • Brightness
  • Anti-flicker frequency
Rated power
  • 2W max
  • 350mA @ 5V – h.264
  • 290mA @ 5V – MJPEG / YUYV
Supported OS
  • Windows
  • OSX
  • Linux
  • Android
Sensor Sony IMX290

Boxed camera

Weight TBD
Dimensions 33×33×24.5mm
Ingress protection IP40
Lens mount CS-mount
Operational temperature

-50 ... 85°C (non condensing)

Board camera

Weight TBD
Dimensions TBD
Ingress protection TBD
Lens mount M12
Operational temperature

-50 ... 65°C (non condensing)

FFC connector pin-out

C2 FFC board camera should be used with 6 pin 0.5mm pitch FFC cable like 687606050002 from Würth Elektronik



Boxed camera


Tripod / Arca Swiss mount plate is optional

Board camera