Motorized zoom lenses

Motorized Zoom / Focus / Iris lenses designed for larger image sensors kitted with motion controllers.


Motorized zoom lens systems designed to be integrated into custom optical instruments and operated remotely. Lenses are paired with 4 axis custom motion controllers.


Lens name Zoom ratio Focal length, mm Image circle, mm
L084 40x 6.3 ~ 252 9.2
L085 25x 5.3 ~ 130 6.8
L086 18x 6.8 ~ 120 9.2
L116 (TBD) 5x 10.5 ~ 47 9.2
L117 32x 6.5 ~ 212 9.2
L119 (TBD) 16x 16.8 ~ 269 20.8
L120 28x 6.7 ~ 190 9.3


Detailed SCE2-M controller documentation is located here. Information and examples below explains how to use lens functions.


In order to function properly, controller has to be configured. There are many things that should be adjusted: max motor speed, direction, homing parameters, motor acceleration, motor steps per mm calibration and more. Mostly suitable parameter table is maintained along with source code on SCE2-SDK repository on GitHub. Most parameters can be updated during normal operation, but controller restart might be required. Motors are calibrated to match g-code travel value with physical motor travel length in mm.

Firmware has 2 startup command lines that are executed during power on sequence. Any G-code command can be used. However for smaller motors we recommend setting lower so motors will not overheat.


Iris (also known as aperture) is responsible for:

New lenses have 2 types of iris mechanisms;

Due to construction topology DC-Iris is always closed after controller is reset


Two interpretations of homing are used in lenses and controllers.

If standard firmware detects that limit switch is actuated it decides that it is dangerous situation and motors should be powered down. While for CNC this behavior is perfect it is not acceptable for lens control. It is pretty easy to configure controller to operate normally when limit switch is actuated. However if limit switch is already actuated homing procedure will fail. This functionality should be fixed in upcoming firmware updates. Meanwhile prior to homing procedure axes should be moved away from limit switches manually before performing homing procedure.


Source code of development kit is maintained on GitHub.

Lens Tester GUI


Console demo




L084 is 6.3-252mm focal length (40x) motorized zoom lens is designed for 1/1.8" image sensors, has zoom/focus/iris functions, designed for 8M sensors.




Image sensor 1/1.8" Effective image area > 9.2mm
Focal distance 6.3 ~ 252mm / ±5%
Aperture f/1.4 ~ f/5.0
Focus range
  • WIDE: 1.0m - infinity
  • TELE: 2.0m - infinity

Field of view (D=8.81mm)

  • WIDE: 73.0°
  • TELE: 1.9°


  • WIDE: -4.09%
  • TELE: 2.89%

Recommended image sensor



Flange back (FB, see diagram below)

+0.93 (in glass t=0.3 IRCF)

Lens zoom structure The stepper motor is directly connected to the screw
Lens focusing structure The stepper motor is directly connected to the screw
Lens size
  • Length: 168.7mm
  • Width: 72.8mm
  • Height: 57mm
  • Front end diameter:  69.5mm
Bare lens weight 465g (+controller 21.4g)

In order to accommodate different image sensors, the focal distance is set back by flange back (FB) distance. The actual distance for a specific sensor has to be calculated and spacers used. If the image plane is not set correctly, focus irregularities in the projected picture are expected.


Motor specifications

Screw pitch 0.4mm
Spiral rotation direction Right
Rated voltage 5.0 VDC
Coil resistance
  • Zoom1: 20Ω ± 10% / phase (T=25°C)
  • Zoom2: 20Ω ± 10% / phase (T=25°C)
  • Focus: 55Ω ± 10% / phase (T=25°C)
  • Iris: 35Ω ± 10% / phase (T=25°C)
Phase count 2
Step angle
  • Zoom1, Zoom2, Focus: 18° / step
  • Iris: 0.6° / step
Operating temperature range -30°C ~ +70°C

Position alignment sensor PI

Model number
  • Zoom1, Zoom2, Focus: RPI-222 ROHM
  • Iris: GP1S196HCZ0F SHARP


Blade count 10
Drive mode Stepper motor

IR switch

Coil resistance 22.5 ± 10% (T=20°C)
Operation voltage

4.5 ~ 5.0V

Current consumption

144 ~ 200mA

Filter thickness


Filter count


Switching time

200 ~ 500ms

  • Open air
  • 380 ~ 650nm (TAVG >90%)
  • BP780 (400~750nm TAVG >1%, 780~1100nm TAVG >90%)

Zoom-Focus curve diagram


Please check the software in the GitHub repository for more detailed table.

Camera adapter plates

292.84104B adapter plate was designed for IMX290 and IMX477 based cameras. L084 and L117 lenses can be mated with board level C1_PRO, C2, and IMX477_LEGACY camera boards.




Detailed 3D model is hosted on GitHub 3D models repository

Power profile

Typical power consumption of the lens