Dedicated boards

Kurokesu SCF4 multi-axis stepper motor controller System On Module (SOM) targets applications where time to market, reliability and small footprint is important. Main control MCU is ST Cortex STM32F103 powerful enough either to run standard or run dedicated standalone firmware. The motor front end is based on ON Semiconductor new and highly specialized driver LC898201.

Besides SCF4-M module, some basic boards are offered

SCF4-BREAKOUT breakout demo board

SCF4 BREAKOUT board allows quick evaluation, testing and prototyping.

General viewKurokesu-SCF4-breakout-1.jpg
PCB Layers



SCF4-THEIA lens controller board

SCF4-THEIA board is designed for THEIA motorized zoom lenses: TL410P R6 and TL1250P R6

General view