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Motion control software

Dedicated software for various dedicated tasks like DOF stacking, 360° product photography

Motorized zoom lenses

Motorized Zoom / Focus / Iris lenses designed for larger image sensors kitted with motion controllers.

Optical filters

Optical filters used in Kurokesu products


Valuable programming, advanced use recipes and know how about C1 family cameras


Motorized rotary actuator


Small 4 axis stepper motor controller module with g-code interpretator


Fully integrated 4 axis motion controller for automated photography


Compact 3 channel micro motor controller module designed for motorized lenses


SCF4 motion controller bundled with D14/CS-mount 5-50mm motorized zoom lens

Sonix Extension Unit

Tool to set Sonix chipset based USB camera extension unit parameters (like h.264 compression rate, measurement mode, GPIO, ...)


View angle calculator

Online tool to estimate lens view angle used with C1 family cameras

View/Record/Stream software overview

List of most popular and tested software packages that can be used with C1 family cameras