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Kurokesu industrial USB cameras with Sony Exmo R Starvis IMX290 sensors and internal h.264/MJPEG/YUYV codec is suitable for a wide range of target applications and use cases. Stable and reliable web cameras operate on most modern operating systems (Windows, OSX, Linux, Android) designed to solve vision problems.

Target applications and use cases

  • Remote operated and autonomous vehicles (low latency, low bandwidth streaming, wide range temperature operation -55°C~+85°C)
  • Machine vision applications (full manual or auto controls, interchangeable CS or M12 lenses)
  • Teleconferencing and virtual meetings (multicamera setup, interchangeable lenses for different view angles)
  • Remote teaching/learning (multicamera setup, interchangeable lenses for wide, tele, or close-up scenes)
  • Complex scientific equipment (internal process inspection and tracking)


  • Universities and schools (students and teachers can use as teaching equipment or remote learning tool)
  • Machine vision developers and researchers (suitable for RND and final product installation)
  • Robot system developers and researchers (suitable for RND and final product installation)
  • Vloggers, Gamers (recording video from multiple angles in low light)

Long term availability

We produce our cameras until there is demand and we can buy the components. Even if a product is marked on our web as obsolete, it can be produced on demand when the minimum quantity is met.


Camera model Lens mount Microphones Connector
C2_USBC CS No USB-C RGB Boxed camera
C2_USBC_MIC CS Yes USB-C RGB Boxed camera with stereo microphones
C2_BOARD_FFC_M12 M12 No FFC 6p 0.5mm RGB Board camera
C2_BOARD_HS_FFC_M12 M12 No FFC 6p 0.5mm RGB Board camera with heatsink
C2M_USBC CS No USB-C Mono Boxed monochrome camera