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360° product photography with rotary stage RSB1



Motion controller comes with control firmware suitable for running small CNC machines, g-code commands are clear and more than suitable software protocol. While g-code can be written in plain text by hand and already available g-code senders can be used, it is much nicer to have dedicated software. Main window is designed to be minimalistic to hide irrelevant information.


At the same time script processor is very flexible and allows selection from many modes and multiple parameters. Once script/recipe is fine tuned it can be saved for later use.


Running on Windows

There are two ways to run program on Windows:

  • Download binary package and run without installing extra programs to your computer - just download latest release from GitHub and run it.
  • Install Python and run program directly from sources on GitHub

Running on macOS

Running program from sources

Assume you have clean macOS with not Python installed. So quick steps are:

  • Go and download latest stable release (tested with 3.8.5)
  • Install downloaded python
  • Go to terminal (launchpad -> terminal)
    • Download pip installer - type: curl -o
    • Install pip: python3
    • Install required packages:
      • pip3 install pyqt5
      • pip3 install numpy
      • pip3 install serial
      • pip3 install pyserial
    • Install git - just type git in terminal and OS will prompt you to install automagically
    • Download latest script: git clone
    • Change to downloaded script directory: cd RSB1_360_product_photography
    • And run script: python3


Processed view with 360 javascript example

Demonstration page is here