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Low profile M12 to CS lens adapter

Low profile M12 to CS lens adapter M12-TO-CS-ADAPTER was designed for wide-angle and fisheye lenses. These lenses typically feature a compact design and have a short back focal distance. The installation, however, can be slightly tricky as access to the M12 set screw is restricted. Below is recommended installation steps:

M12_to_CS_300_01.png 1. Prepare M12 to CS lens adapter.
M12_to_CS_300_02.png 2. Install adapter.
M12_to_CS_300_11.png 3. Adapter should be flush with the camera flange. Do not tighten nor use the set screw yet.
M12_to_CS_300_03.png 4. Prepare M12 lens.
M12_to_CS_300_04.png 5. Connect the camera for live preview and install M12 lens. Adjust lens focus.
M12_to_CS_300_14_2.png 6. Twist M12 lens half-turn (or a bit more) clockwise (deeper into the camera). This is an important step. In the final installation step, it will give some room for final focus adjustment.
M12_to_CS_300_05.png 7. Unscrew the filter from the camera without touching the lens.
M12_to_CS_300_06.png 8. Install and tighten set screw.
M12_to_CS_300_07.png 9. Lens is now secured in the filter.
M12_to_CS_300_08.png 10. Install lens with filter into the camera.
M12_to_CS_300_12.png 11. Small gap should be left for focus adjustment.
M12_to_CS_300_09.png 12. Install set screw while verifying sharp focus on camera live preview software.
M12_to_CS_300_10.png 13. Lens is secured and ready for use.