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FFC connector pin-out

IMX477 camera board has 22pin 0.5mm spaced pitch FFC connector 687122183722 from Würth Elektronik. Cable orientation is bottom (see notes on the PCB).


Pinout table

Pin nr Signal Note
1 GND  
2 MIPI_D1_N  
3 MIPI_D1_P  
4 GND  
5 MIPI_D2_N  
6 MIPI_D2_P  
7 GND  
10 GND  
11 MIPI_D3_N  
12 MIPI_D3_P  
13 GND  
14 MIPI_D4_N  
15 MIPI_D4_P  
16 GND  
17 SEN_PWR_2.8V Sensor analog power supply
18 LED Not used
19 GND  
20 SCL  
21 SDA  
22 3.3V Logic power supply

Connectivity with Raspberry PI compute module

Use 22pin 0.5mm pitch FFC cable like 687622050002 (5cm) / 687622100002 (10cm) from Würth Elektronik


TOP / BOT connector

Initially, we designed an IMX477 board to be used with Raspberry Pi CM4 IO board and selected 22pin 0.5mm pitch connector contacts facing BOTTOM. It was a direct connection from IMX477 to the CM4 IO board with non reversed FFC cable.
We have replaced the connector facing the TOP side to be more flexible. It allows the same connection to CM4 IO board with reversed FFC cable. Also, standard 22pin 0.5mm to 15pin 1.0mm cables can be used to attach to more boards like NVIDIA Jetson, or other modifications of the Raspberry Pi compute modules.