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Tools and kit content

Kit includes all necessary fasteners and hex keys to put your new camera together.


  • Hex keys
    • M2x20x83
    • M1.5x17x75
  • Screws
    • DIN912 M1.6×4 – 6 pcs (camera PCB)
    • DIN912 M2x3 – 2 pcs (microphones)
    • DIN912 M2.5×8 – 4 pcs (enclosure)
    • DIN912 M2.5×10 – 2 pcs (enclosure)

But some other tools are required:

  • Knife, tweezers or small flat screwdriver to separate parts attached with double sided adhesive tape
  • Small Philips screwdrivers to disassemble new camera. (Wera and Wiha PH0 screwdriver for all the screws and PH00 for lens assembly were perfect match). Some PH00 (lower quality?) screwdrivers will not fit so PH000 might be needed.
  • Soldering iron to remove surface mount LED and lens assembly pins