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Final notes

Image sensor

Most likely Logitech Brio uses Sony IMX091PQ sensor. Pixel count, size and dimensions look right.

Pixel count

4208 x 3120 pixels


13 Mega pixels
Active area size
  • Horizontal = 4.69
  • Vertical = 3.52
  • Diagonal = 5.87
Active area size 1/3.06 inch
Pixel size 1.12 μm, square


Dust is common thing and by exposing camera to uncontrolled environment expect some can settle on the sensor. If not during rework, dust can appear after some usage. Usually local photo equipment retailers have kits and tools to clean camera sensors.

Light filter

After completing rework, camera will be sensitive to full spectrum. Depending on your application feel free to leave it as is or use IR LOW PASS filter for normal operation or IR HIGH pass filter to see infrared part of available light. Filter can be mounted with few strips of double sided tape.

Filter installation is same as for C920 camera


Stock Brio lens focal length is 2.78mm

Camera has high resolution, with low quality lens you will get low quality picture. We offer only tested lenses.

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