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Lightweight and compact USB powered, self sufficient 3.4-10mm motorized zoom lens camera kit for ...

Extract bare camera assembly

Brio rework kit

Recently Logitech released it’s newest camera BRIO 4K (8.8 Megapixels, wide dynamic range, great ...



Install Install v4l utilities first. sudo apt install v4l-utils Measure actual frame rate Set...

OpenCV (Python)


Display live full resolution video from USB camera OpenCV can grab video frames directly from US...



GStreamer is a powerful tool which allows streaming complex video pipes over network. Simple pipe...



Stream live 1080p @ 30fps video to YouTube FFmpeg tool can be used to stream live video to youtu...

Source code

Sonix Extension Unit

Extension unit toolset from Sonix to controlling many hidden C1 family parameters like h.264 comp...



Specifications Pixels 2304H x 1536V Sensor size 5.07mm x 3.38mm Shutter Electronic Rolling ...



M12 (S-mount) lens mount Multiple mounting options (all side walls and top has M3 tapped hol...

Firmware upgrade tool

C1 family camera firmware update tool

The C1 and C2 family camera firmware can be updated over a USB cable. CPU has a hardcoded bootloa...

Lens numbering

Lens numbering

All lenses on Kurokesu web page has unified numbering. After few years of testing different namin...

Final notes

Brio rework kit

Image sensor Most likely Logitech Brio uses Sony IMX091PQ sensor. Pixel count, size and dimensio...

Assemble new camera

Brio rework kit

Insert microphones into designated cutouts and secure them with screws. Remove lens assembly and ...

Tools and kit content

Brio rework kit

Kit includes all necessary fasteners and hex keys to put your new camera together. Hex keys M...

Modify camera board

Brio rework kit

Camera has nasty white LED facing lens direction. If you don’t remove it LED will shine inside en...

mk1 dimensions and kit parts

C920 rework kit

C920 rework kit dimensions comes as a kit. Main parts are 2 aluminum parts, when assembled dimens...

C1 PRO X10

Lightweight and compact USB powered, self sufficient 5.1~47mm motorized zoom lens camera kit for ...

mk1 C920 PCBA wiring

C920 rework kit

New C920 wiring Recently updated C920 webcam version was released featuring new PCB. These chang...

Mounting a filter

C920 rework kit

Logitech C920 comes with IR low pass filter installed. Without this filter camera becomes sensiti...

mk1 C920 rework video instructions

C920 rework kit

Reworking Logitech C920 camera is not difficult, but you should have right tools and some tinkeri...

Dimensions and exploded view


Dimensions Exploded view Iten nr Part number Description Qty 1 Carbide ball 5mm Tungs...


Industrial USB cameras with CS lens mount and h.264 on-board encoder

687.5640 camera module

Custom OV5640 MIPI camera 687.5640A

L084-SCE2-CM3 demo


IMX477 sensor board designed for motorized zoom lenses

Lens adapters

Motorized zoom lenses

Motorized Zoom / Focus / Iris lenses designed for larger image sensors kitted with motion control...



Industrial USB cameras with CS lens mount and h.264 on-board encoder


Specifications of M12, CS, and C-mount lenses offered along with Kurokesu cameras

Optical filters

Optical filters used in Kurokesu products


Cables used with Kurokesu products specifications and reference


View/Record/Stream software overview

AMCAP is a minimalistic tool to test USB camera on Windows operating system. Portable version ...